2012 Wushu Madness II The Realm Between 武疯-黑白之境

‘Wushu Madness II─ The Realm Between’ ‘Wushu in dance’ is a combination of strength and physical aesthetics. Discover the beauty of placing yourself between the possible and the actual, shadow and light, black and white. ‘Wushu Madness II─The Realm Between’ continues the aesthetic concepts of the possible and the actual with a real scene, starting from the light and shadow and extending the imagination on to the space between black and white. The art of chess cannot be separated from the grid between East and West; martial art training emphasizes the offensive and defensive body art movements, as the art of chess is between the players and the space.  

‘Wushu Madness II─The Realm Between’ is a piece of wushu in dance, full of wild, unrestrained speed and dance forms that attempt to transcend time and space. Wushu art performers use fluid body movements, an integration of fast and slow movements to depict man’s truly crazy mental outlook and at the same time reflect man’s character through light vs. shadow, black vs. white, and slow vs. fast. The stage lighting and multimedia effects help to create a balanced visual impact. The performers’ flashing body movements, shadow and light reflected against the backdrop develop into a meaningful stage presence, as does the beauty of poetry and drawing.

Lee Wushu Arts Theatre has “Martial art is art” as a concept. It unites the martial arts with modern dance and theatre arts, and combines different elements of creative art, creating a unique and rich form of Eastern and Western aesthetics performance.

简介 《武疯──黑白之境》 以武舞肢体美学,玩转虚拟与真实,黑白光影的空间魅力。 《武疯——黑白之境》廷续探讨“虚实相生,情景相融”的美学概念,并从光影出发,引申出黑与白的空间想象。 东西方的棋艺离不开方格之间,武术的训练讲求攻防进退,其身体移动的线条,如同棋手对奕,形成棋盘的空间艺术。 《武疯——黑白之境》,是狂野、奔放、极速,试图超越时间与空间的武舞作品。 武者的攻防意识结合流畅的肢体表现,一急一缓,融合并重,双重内涵的丰富思想,循环往返于创作者与武者之间,形成两者的微妙关系,并通过创作者对作品的联想,折射出虚拟与真实的疯狂,但也不拘泥于情节或观点而是藉由“武舞”冲击意像,同时反映出“光与影、黑与白、急与缓”的符号美学。 犹如棋盘世界的舞台设计,玩转舞台灯光及多媒体影像,冲击视觉上的平衡。武者的身体瞬间闪动,人影与灯影相互映衬,构成带有琴棋书画寓意的舞台画面。 李劲松武艺坊以“武术也是艺术”为理念,创作的作品中融入了武术,现代舞,剧场艺术,而将不同的艺术元素结合创作,创造出一种独特并富含东西方美学的表演词汇,在表演艺术源流上新颖独特,丰富和创造了新肢体美学的内涵。