2015 W-Soul 武魂


The Soul, everyone has a different interpretation for it; be it a spiritual dimension, a sign of purity, or even something invisible and everlasting.

W-Soul: these words may be seen as a symbol to transcend our limits and beyond, as such is the road of Wushu artist. Progressing from the fundamental to the advanced, Wushu becomes one with the arts while seeking tranquility and enlightenment. There are two paths from here: “understanding through contact” or “meditation through seclusion”.

However, are the young Wushu artists pursuing a form of higher spirituality? Or did they adopt another fashion in conveying their beliefs? Startled souls flee at the sound of the drum; what meaning is there in setting sights on this empty body? Questioning beats from the drum begin to loop, testing the spirit residing in our hearts and minds; if the soul could be suspended in space and time, it would bring magnificence to the aesthetic philosophy of Wushu and dance.

This work deviates from the usual narrative technique used; instead a variant perspective is explored. Expanding the possibilities in converging Wushu, dance, percussion and multimedia through minimalism, we can now delve deeper into the facets of soul. W-Soul conveys the powerful spirit and breathtaking feats of Wushu artists.

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