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Founded on 7th February 1998, Lee Wushu Arts Theatre strives its best to promote Martial Dance culture in Malaysia, which successfully cultivates numerous Wushu enthusiasts. With the concept of ‘Wushu as Arts’, the company has established the platform of body communication internationally. The company was previously invited to perform in various arts festivals in United Kingdom, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Singapore and many more. Through performing arts, the said company stood its ground in Johor Bahru, expanding abroad, promotes unique Malaysian Martial Dance Cultural Arts.

Wushu Artists is established with the aim of inviting the public to be part of the supporter for the local cultural art, sharing the magnificent of art and creativity of life, join us to push the Wushu Dance Culture to international stage. Welcome, to be part of the Wushu Garden, and hand in hand we will create better humanity culture and art environment.