Our Founder 创办人


Lee Swee Seng is a Business Administration graduate from IGM, Malaysia and Southern University College. He is the founder, artistic director and wushu director of Lee Wushu Arts Theatre and Lee Wushu Arts Workshop and also a collaborator of martial arts and dance. Between 1994 and 2001, Swee Seng participated in several wushu competitions in Malaysia and won gold and silver medals in the All Johor State Wushu Championship and National Wushu Tournament. He also participated in Beijing International Wushu Competition and won the 4th prize, regarded as one such outstanding wushu sportsman in Malaysia. Between 2002 and 2009, Swee Seng went to further his wushu training in China in the provinces of Sichuan, Guangzhou and Guangxi. At the 8th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship, he won the gold medal for group wushu dance.

Swee Seng choreographed series Wushu and Dance performance since 2001, one of his classic work Farewell, My Concubine–The Movement of the Martyr received rave reviews and was invited to perform at the 7th Johor Bahru Arts Festival, Hong Kong Dance Festival 2010, London International Youth Arts Festival 2012 and 30th FACP Annual Conference Asian Gems in the Arts at Solo, Indonesia. This production was awarded for The Best Creative Award in 22nd National Chinese Dance Festival 2010, receive 5 nominations for The 9th Annual BOH Cameronian Arts Award 2011 and won ‘The Best Costume Design, Styling & Make Up’ and ‘The Kakiseni Audience Choice for Dance’ awards. The static and Dynamic of Five Elements, another of Swee Seng’s choreography was also invited to perform at the Esplanade Theatres in Singapore 2010. He was invited by the 7th and 8th Johor Bahru Arts Festival as the co-director of the Malay musical “Bumi Berlantai Permata” and “Bumi Berlantai Permata II”.

On 2013, he even reviewed and awarded by Asia Excellent Entrepreneur Federation with honoured of the 21st Century The Prestigious Brand – Prestigious Cultural Achievement Award, where the Gala Night Ceremony was held at Equatorial Hotel, Penang on March 10th.



自2001年创作多部武舞系列作品,其中的经典钜作《霸王别姬──殉道者的乐章》更深受国际舞台认同,先后受邀于马来西亚第7届新山艺术节、香港舞蹈节2010、伦敦国际青年艺术节2012及印尼梭罗第30届亚洲文化推展联盟(FACP)国际会议等演出。并于2010年荣获第22届全国华人舞蹈节最佳创作奖,更入围第9届BOH Cameronian Arts Award 2011的五项提名,并荣获“最佳服装、发型及化妆设计”与“Kakiseni观众票选最受欢迎舞蹈作品”。其另一佳作《动静五行》也受邀前往新加坡滨海艺术中心演出。在自身创作之余,也两度受马来西亚新山艺术节之邀,担任马来史记改编而成的大型歌舞剧《地球瑰宝》及《地球瑰宝II》联合导演一职。

2013年李劲松通过Asia Excellent Entrepreneur Federation的审查,并在3月10日于设在槟城的21st Century The Prestigious Brand颁奖典礼,获颁- “文化成就奖”。